OADE - Contact Us


President                 Carol Jones                 president@oade.ca


Vice President       George Liolis               george.liolis@tdsb.on.ca

Vice President       Laura DiGennaro        vp_conference@oade.ca

Vice President       Leslie Hutchison         vp_edupr@oade.ca


Treasurer                 Katherine Beckwith   treasurer@oade.ca

Secretary                 -----------------------        secretary@oade.ca


Past President       Hubert Van Niekerk   past_president@oade.ca



Webmaster             David Wood               webmaster@oade.ca


* Please note, that all "vp" email addresses include an underscore (_), not a space.


If you’re not sure who you’d like to contact, or you have some feedback for us, please feel free to use the handy contact form below: